Which are the top 10 economies that have been most affected by inflation this year?

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It is important to note that the effects of inflation can vary over time and circumstances. However, based on available data and reports, the following are ten economies that have experienced significant inflationary pressures in recent times:

1. Venezuela: Venezuela has been facing hyperinflation for several years now, with annual inflation reaching extremely high levels.

2. Argentina: Argentina has also been grappling with high inflation rates, particularly in recent years.

3. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe has a long history of hyperinflation, and though the situation has significantly improved in recent years, the country still faces inflationary pressures.

4. Iran: Iran has experienced persistent inflation over the last few years, partly due to economic sanctions and internal economic challenges.

5. Turkey: Turkey has undergone bouts of high inflation in recent years, impacting its economy and currency.

6. Lebanon: Lebanon has been battling high inflation rates in the aftermath of the country’s financial and economic crisis.

7. Nigeria: Nigeria has faced inflationary pressures in recent years, especially due to factors such as currency depreciation, rising food prices, and insecurity.

8. Brazil: Brazil has experienced significant inflationary pressures, particularly driven by rising food and fuel costs.

9. Russia: Although Russia has managed to keep inflation relatively low in recent years, there have been periods of higher inflation due to various economic factors.

10. South Africa: South Africa has experienced moderate to high inflation rates in recent years, influenced by factors such as currency depreciation and rising fuel prices.

Keep in mind that this list may not be exhaustive, and the position of countries in terms of inflation can change over time.

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