Which are the top 10 companies that have undergone major rebranding this year?

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1. Uber – The ride-hailing company underwent a major rebranding in February 2021, introducing a new logo and visual identity to convey a more inclusive and accessible image.

2. General Motors – In January 2021, General Motors unveiled a new logo and redesigned brand identity to emphasize its commitment to a more sustainable future and electric vehicles.

3. Slack – Following its acquisition by Salesforce, Slack introduced a new logo and brand redesign in March 2021 to better align with its parent company’s branding.

4. TikTok – The popular social media platform underwent a rebranding in March 2021, introducing a new logo and visual identity to enhance its global appeal and reflect its expanding user base.

5. BP – In August 2020, BP announced a major rebranding that included a new logo and an increased focus on renewable energy, as part of its transition towards a low-carbon future.

6. Moderna – Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Moderna, the biotechnology company behind a successful COVID-19 vaccine, unveiled a new logo in November 2020, symbolizing its innovative and futuristic approach to healthcare.

7. GoDaddy – The web hosting and domain registration company redesigned its logo and brand image in September 2020 to showcase a more friendly and customer-centric image.

8. Citroën – The French automobile manufacturer launched a comprehensive rebranding campaign in February 2021, introducing a new logo and visual identity to modernize its image and mark a new era.

9. Burger King – In January 2021, Burger King unveiled a new logo and refreshed brand identity, moving away from its previous retro-style branding to a more contemporary and minimalist design.

10. Slackware – Slackware Linux, a popular open-source operating system, recently underwent a rebranding in July 2021 to mark its 28th anniversary, introducing a new logo and visual identity to reflect its continued relevance in the tech industry.

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